Eradicating hunger and poverty through facilitating sustainable development.
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Institutional development and capacity building
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Areas of Competencies
• Girl child education and women empowerment campaign
Enlightenment Program

Peaceful Mision

Creation of a peaceful and enabling environment through training in peace-building, facilitative mediation and conflict management.

Health Awareness

Combating HIV/AIDS and Malaria through awareness creation and other preventive measures

Endless Love

enhance the economic growth and living condition of people through the establishment of community-driven micro projects

Value Addition

Committed to the principles of value addition. While serving our clients, we ensure that they receive value for money. We bring our expertise to bear on the work we do.


Globalization, liberalization and the constructs of ‘Relative Deprivation’ and ‘Status Inconsistencies/Crystallizations’ have introduced complexities into sustainable community development planning and implementation approaches.

Community Resources Development Organization (CREDO)

committed to the principles of value addition.

Areas of Competencies

  • Girl,child education and women empowerment campaign

    Baseline Studies, Situation Analysis, Needs Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Assessment
  • Conflict Transformation and Peace Building

    HIV/AIDS education, sensitization and mobilization, and creation of community safety- nets through the provision of micro credit scheme for care givers.
  • Youth Empowerment and Enlightenment Program

    Entrepreneurship training, micro enterprise development, cooperative management and training, and micro credit schemes

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Development Philosophy

We do not develop communities; rather we facilitate communities to make their...

Overview of current programs

Through the many years of working with the communities, CREDO has enabled communities...